Thursday, December 07, 2006

update on life

SO i havent blogged in FOREVER so im going to now. well... ill start out with school. im passing with flying colors, which is actually a surprise. i failed german, but then they realized that i didnt actually fail german so they had to change it on my report card. so before that i didnt actually make honor roll at all and then I GOT SUMMA CUM LAUDE!!! for those of you (mary and andrienne) who dont know thats the highest people in the grade. my sttanding before was 75 out of 210. i dont know what it is now,but it has to be pretty high. well ill go in order of my classes. geometry is HORRIBLE i highly discourage anyone from ever taking that. german is fun. im actually starting to enjoy that class. partially because me and the new german student teacher are becoming 'friends'. like hell actually talk to me in the morning and well have a convedrsation. he was in three of the school plays his senior year and theres a picture of him on the wall in midsummer nights dream and he had yellow hair so i made fun of him a whole lot. cermaics is amazing. ive finished two projects and im working on one that will take me FOREVER. its a box thats supposed to be like a prom or something, but its really abstract so it has to be ptretty. all the people dont have faces or hands so they have to just use their bodies to convey emotion and theres ten people i have to glaze which will take until im dead. next blog i write im gonna be a nerd and take pictures of my projects and post them. in ap were starting morl arguement which i am REALLY good at. i love defending morals... next class world. im doing well in that class were talking about the reformation in the church and Martin Luther and all that so i LOVE it. chem i hate as usual. jazz band we arent doing anything at all. we have a concert in a couple of weeks and we havent practiced since way back in nam. and ap music theory im accompining in a private, informal, professional grade concert. im REALLY excited. im playing when i am laid in earth with Britanny Barko. she is in my opinion one of the best young singers ive ever heard. well the reason i havent blogged lately isacuae ive been way too overly depressed to write a blog that wont make people want to kill themselves. church has been exciting. catholocism DEFINATELY not so. the last six homilys have been on 'getting into heaven' and this is the order of how father matt says you should get into heaven. beginning with six weeks ago.
6. doing good deeds
5. living a godly life
4. giving to people
3. going to church
2. ( i didnt pay attention)
1. being excited and BELIEVEING IN SANTA CLAUSE
yes its true a priest told his congergation that santa clause will get you into heaven. today my mom saw me waiting for her out in the cold freezing half to death and decided to give me my christmas present early. it was a coat and a great big book. the coat is all fuzzy and warm and WE ALL KNOW how much i need a new coat. and the book is roughly the thickness of a brick with really thin pages. its called the idiot and its by one of my favorite writers, dostoevsky. im excited. OH and i just saw the Scrooge production at school. it was really amazingly amazing. i have some REALLY talented friends. anyway im rather tired. and its rather late. and i sound like an idiot because im using words like amazing and actually and rather and and over and over and over again so



Monday, November 20, 2006

last five days

ok ive been meaning to blog for five days. it has been five amazingly blog-inspiring days.

district jazz!!!!! WOOHOO! it was amazing. ten hours in corry for a jazz audition. we were in that cafiteria so long that you almost forgot what life was like outside of corry. people randomly breaking out into songs with their insturments and creating quartets and small bands seemed completely natural by the end of the audition. anyway the first person they called was glorious ME! i got FIRST (and second) BAND!!! i was so happy. that is such a huge honor. first band iis persay the all-star band. im in with the best jazz musitions in town. the entire rythum section was academy. me on vibes, Andrew Gordon on drume, Kaitlyn mitchell on piano, Anthony Letto on guitar, and Sid on bass. im so excited, were playing some good songs too. beauty and the beast, caravan, stevie wonder medely. good stuff.
im still excited about yesterday. i woke up excited, having only gone to bed four hours eariler. i got to school all excited and had the opportunity to tell everybody. there were very few people who didnt ask what band i got in. i net up with a whole bunch of other people in the hall who also got into band one and we did that excited hold hands and jump up and down and squeal a very high note. well Andrew Gordon is using my extremely old pair of mallats that i thought were LONG gone. apparently theyve survived five years at academy. all the homework that i didnt do the day before because of district jazz was excused, if not completely ignored. and the german test that i left early from to practice i DIDNT FAIL. in fact i got an 85 which is a B!!!!!!
a fine day. definately not as good as the previous two. i went to see man of the year with my friends. i dont reccommend that movie. it was kinda funny in the beginning, but it got a little dry later. we went to the mall and wreaked havoc in all the stores we went into. i was going to buy this amazing coat to replace my ugly old one that is NOT cold at all. but it was billabong brand (one of my favorite brands of clothing) so it was $55. about 30 more than i had. it was in general a good day.
UGH i hate sundays. first i got up and went to ccd. which was pertty much stupid. it amazes me that mom sends me there to learn about catholocism when they are clearly as catholoc as my head is round. meaning theyre still generally catholoc, but they believe in being saved (not incredably strongly but definately an improvement) and they dont believe that the only way to get to heaven is by eating a piece of bread. always nice. so then we went to the bad place for church. jennys group sang. they REALLY need to learn about tuning. and then the homily was so hypocritical and blasphemous and stupid that i was this close *im holding my fingers very close together* to waltzing right out of that place. but alas i did not. but i felt like i wante to wipe my eyes with a cheeze grater and sove sharpened pencils in my ears. it was NOT pretty.
TODAY (monday in case you didnt noice)
school was fine. we had a sub in geometry. in ceramics i painted my escher tiles again. im almost done. i think ill be done on wednesday. but my sheep got fired!! so it looks really good and i was going to post a picture of them but im too lazy. i got a really good grade and im rather proud of that accomplishment. in german we barely did anything. it was fun. we bought some ballons from the school store and inhaled the helium and sang songs in REALLY high pitched voices. it was.. interesting. in language arts we made a circle and barely talked about language arts at all. it was kinda pathetic. at home APPARENTLY im going to splash lagoon on wednesday with the Nelsons, my cousins, and Adrienne. thats exciting i guess.
WELL i have to go bye bye.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hello three people who read this blog.
im happy right now. somewhat abnormal. im going to district jazz tomorrow, im excited! i have to learn PROXY by tomorrow, but since i dont own any vibes i have to just listen to it on repeat. its really catchy.... im also an accompionist now! im much more excited about that than jazz. i dont know who im accompaning yet or what ill be playing but its still exciting. tomorrow i also have to so my report for lasher. im doing it on the black death, medicine, the stpid church, and how people finally came to their senses and figured that there was something wrong with catholocism. oh and ring around the rosy!!!! there are a whole lot of versions of that! im so excited because i get to make the whole class get up and dance around in circles singing really old versions of ring around the rosy!!! woohoo! its funny how little things amuse people. like today in the library there was this really big red book with fancy black letters that had the words THE NAKED AND THE DEAD on it. so it was really distracting trying to write about dead people with those metallic letters in front of me. so i had to go see what it was about. well it turned out to be a tragic war story about people dying and fighting to the death...
ANYWAY im going to go let you poor innocent people get back to your life.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

to my regulars...

hello Adrienne, Mary, and sometimes Grace.
if you are neither Adrienne, Mary, or Grace then email me. PLEASE. my email-

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

so.... its been a while since my last blog. im supposed to be doing homework but i didnt bring anything home................ i have a DBQ for world history and i dont know what a DBQ is much less how to write one, and even less how to write one and pass. i have 12 pages of chemistry, that i can do quickly so im gonna do it later. and i have to do a revision for language arts and i dont have my origonal essay. so im sitting here blogging.
theres a person who is completely mentally insane. and i cant say much more than that....
SO i just thought id write a blog. now im gonna have to find out how to do some of my homework. ta ta.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

november first

i hate funerals. who doesnt? it sounds like a stupid thing to say doesnt it? well its not. when people die its not a happy thing. so WHY do atheists, catholocs, and liberal Christians alike take a day to dress up like dead people and celebrate?? it no longer makes any sense to me. but showings are always amazing. they let you learn what the dead person was concealing, or that only certain people knew. when my aunt berle died a lot of her really old friends showed up and started talking about her. apparently she had been a straight A student since kindergarten, she was prom queen, and she helped lead a protest, something to do with busses. and nobody close to her knew what an amazing life she lived until she died. ironic isnt it? another case, recently my dads old tenant Johnny died. his showin was the first time in a really long time that all his brothers were together. and OH there were stories! johnny and his brothers were perfect stereotypical italians. they spent their lives running from police, smuggling beer during prohibition, hosting illegal poker games, and gambling underground. seeing all those brothers was really wierd. they were partners in crime reunited by the death of one of their most beloved partners.
today is the first day of november. summer seems so far away now... and next summer is even farther away. i really miss summer already.
thats it.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


so today was halloween... i dont like halloween at all. but at my school its a bit different. people dont dress up like ghosts and crap like that, but they dress up like a different clique or stereotype. and if you done dress up you have to wear uniforms. so i dressed as preppy. i had a great time. me and my friend Drea were preppy together and we got a whole tom of comments. my friend Jasse straightened his hair, Randy wore eyeliner, and my entire group of people i normally eat lunch with dressed as joggers and wore super small shorts and really tight, colorful shirts. it was hilarious.
today was the first teaching day of our new german teacher. he is AMAZING. he knows how to teach AND speak german and hes the most normal of all the teachers ive ever had. but not really... he wears his hair in a preppy moahawk, he spikes it to a general moahawk-y point. hes the lead singer in a rock band, he plays drums in another rock band, and he can rap in german. he wanted to get a picture with me at the end of class, but i had to go to Bischoff early. there is a downside to him though. all the girls are drooling over him. they think hes completely georgeous. and he has everyones complete attention. when he says shut up the whole class doesnt say a thing. the complete opposite of gessel. another problem with him: all the outgoing girls flirt with him constantly. and it almost seems like he flirts back... its kinda creepy.
while im talking about it.... IM PASSING GERMAN!!!!! im so excited about that! i had a 49 until just today when i has a 63. still not passing, but then he updated AGAIN and i had a 73. IM PASSING!!!!!
ending on a happy note--